Front Office

Our hotel provides the best customer service for you. If you have any problems, please contact us at the front office. We are ready to provide the best service to you every day.

Meranti Restaurant

The Hotel's Meranti Restaurant offers delectable Malay, Chinese and Western cuisine with our all day dining menu. The restaurant also caters for in-house conference and banquet as well as catering for out-of-hotel functions, such as sunset seafood beach BBQ in the park, birthday bash, serving buffet lunches, dinners, tea breaks as well as cocktails.

Swimming Pool

Our hotel provides a swimming pool for those of you who want to take a bath, swim or relax there. We also provide a shower next to it if you want to rinse your body or legs. Come to our swimming pool!


Our hotel provides a special lobby for those of you who need a place to relax, read books, lodges etc. You can come to the lobby anytime. In the lobby, we provide you exhausted water or you want to drink water Take a break. Relax in our lobby!